Barbell Squat In Your Bodybuilding Routine by Mr Great Fitness

Barbell Squat in your Bodybuilding Routine - Mr Great Fitness

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Barbell Squat In Your Bodybuilding Routine
Barbell Squat In Your Bodybuilding Routine
The barbell squat is probably one of the most popular exercises for not only bodybuilders but also any individuals wishing to lose weight or get in shape. It's perfect for targeting your quadriceps, glutes, lower back, hamstrings, hip flexors and adductors. The barbell squat is very effective for increasing strength, mass and power in the lower part of your body. To complete the lift involves a compound movement using several stabilizer muscles.

To start doing the barbell squat, place the bar across your upper back, letting it rest on your trapezius muscles, but making sure it's not on your neck. With your hands apart double the width of your shoulder, grip the bar firmly. Lift the bar slowly off the rack, making sure to keep your chest up and your shoulder blades together.

Make sure you keep the normal and natural curve in your lower back. Your feet should be wide apart with your toes angled at 30 degrees. A good distance for your feet is the same width as your shoulder.

Begin lowering the bar by bending first at the hips and then at the knees. Making sure to keep your trunk erect and your head up, lower your body down gradually until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Do not try to go any further. With your knees pointing towards your toes and aligned directly over your feet, hold for a count of one. From this position, work your way back to the starting position by pushing hard with your feet and keeping your body erect.

The barbell squat is a very effective exercise, but must be done properly to get the full benefit. Here are some simple tips and techniques for using the barbell squat.
  • Make sure the natural curve of your lower back is maintained throughout the entire process.
  • Breathe in as you are lowering the barbell so your chest expands while sucking in your stomach towards your spine. Exhale as you're pushing it back up.
  • Focus your eyes on something in front of you that's at eye level. This helps with concentration as well as body movement.
  • Do not curve your back or excessively bend forward as this can cause lower back pain.
  • Do not use a weight belt unless you're already at maximum weight.
  • There are different variations you may try with the barbell squats such as the smith machine squats or the wider stance variation; however, this is great one to get you accustomed to the barbell.
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