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Should I Go On A Diet? 
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Understand What is Diet

When most people think of losing weight, they think of going on a diet. Many times, this means finding some fad diet that is probably popular at the current time and trying to follow all of its crazy rules and recipes, like lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup.

But honestly, who enjoys these things? Do you like cutting out entire food groups such as carbohydrates or drinking crazy concoctions that simply do not taste very good and do not fill you up?
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It is doubtful that anyone does. Yes, there are other diet plans out there that have a lot of merit to them, and if a diet is the way you want to go, then researching the different ones out there is very advisable so that you can find a reasonable, sensible diet plan that is not going to harm you or make you go crazy with hunger, causing you to fail in the end anyway.

Choosing the Right Diet Plan

When you are ready to choose your diet or eating plan, there are certain things that you must take into consideration to make sure that you are picking one that will help you to attain the weight loss goals you have and to make sure you are staying healthy.

Some diets, as we mentioned, do not contain the right balance of nutrition that your body's needs, and can, therefore, make you sick, and won’t help you to lose weight properly. Here are some important things to keep in mind when choosing the right diet plan:
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• Realistic Expectations: You must realize that losing weight is a process and takes time.The length of time to achieve your goals depends on how much you have to lose to get to your goal weight.

You do not want to take on a crash diet plan that promises you to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time, as that will most likely be a very unhealthy and an unsafe option for you. After the initial two or three weeks when weight loss is rapid because of water loss, after that you should be losing around 1-2 pounds a week to maintain healthy weight loss.

• The Right Nutrition: Make sure you look over any diet plans you are considering thoroughly and see what they allow or suggest for you to eat. If it has a balanced-looking diet to it with the right amounts of foods from the main food groups, you are probably looking at a plan that is safe.

Any of the fad diets that cut out whole food groups, or make you starve yourself or drink strange concoctions are not safe. You also want the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fiber and make sure you are getting no more than 30 percent of your calories from fat per day.

• The Right Fit For You…or Not? While you are researching different diet plans, make sure it is something that you think would suit you and your lifestyle.

If you are a very busy person who is not home a lot, look for a plan that has convenience as well as healthy choices. If you wind up choosing a plan that you don’t stick to for whatever reason, you will wind up failing and you will then most likely go back to your old ways, but now feeling worse than when you started out.
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• Calorie Level: Make sure that the plan you choose has you eating enough calories. You essentially want to cut out enough calories so that you can lose those 1-2 pounds a week.

You have to weigh this all against you and your activity levels, as how many calories you need each day will vary from person to person depending on how active they are and their weight. You might want to work with a trained health professional to help you decide which is best for you.

How Diets Work

Losing weight is simple; lose more calories than you can eat. We eat because it is a necessity. The food we consume will be processed by our body, breaking them down and only keeping what is needed while throwing out the rest.

As we do our normal daily tasks our body uses calories and nutrients from our food as fuel for your body to complete all the tasks.

However, our body only needs a certain amount of calories to do this and this leads to all the unused calories being stored in our body as fat.
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The problem with our body is there is no way to tell it to stop storing calories. All excess calories will be converted into fat no matter how much fat you have in your body already.

Most of us would always eat more than we need to, taking in all those extra calories to lead us into being overweight.

“So, in essence, a diet is supposed to help you lose those extra calories”

A diet is an eating plan where you would control the amount of calories eaten. Eating less is not the only way to diet. Since the goal is to eat fewer calories, you can have constant food but it is low on calories. So food like fruit or vegetables are low on calories if you compare same amount with other food like meat.

When you are dieting, you will be eating less than normal. So you would feel hungrier throughout the day and feel more unsatisfied when you finish your meal. It cannot be avoided since you are after all trying to lower your calorie intake. Do not be mistaken with skipping meals or starving yourself. Those will only worsen your diet conditions.
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What a good diet would include is help in suppressing the hunger, may it be psychologically or physically. Diet will always prepare you psychologically first before starting it. This is to ensure that you will be able to keep on the diet plan for the whole duration and reach your goal. Diet plans will also give you alternatives snacks that you can eat to suppress your cravings.

When you are on a diet, don't think that you will be having water and vegetables to last for the whole day. Diet actually promotes eating a balanced meal. You only want to have a lower calorie count but the rest of the nutrients shouldn't be ignored.

So when you are avoiding certain kind of foods, you would also be avoiding their nutrients. So the diet plan will show you alternative food you can take to replace the missing nutrients. Usually, these foods are avoided and not forbidden completely. So you can still eat them in small portion once a while.

A good diet also contributes to your natural metabolism. Each person has his own rate of metabolism. A person with higher rate of metabolism will be able to burn more calories a day.

A proper diet plan can help people with low metabolism to fully utilize them Like having a proper breakfast to jump-start the metabolism, lunch to keep the energy going and eating less for dinner since you do not burn as much calories at night. This is to ensure that you have enough calories for the day.

Rule of Thumb

When you want to keep a diet plan, discipline is one of the most important factors. Weight loss through proper diet will take from months to years to achieve your proper weight. The diet that is extreme and promotes speedy result can turn into a form of yo-yo dieting.

Yo-yo dieting is a term where a person following a diet and manage to lose his weight but eventually will eat and gain more than he lose. This happens because the diet he followed was too extreme;  limiting his food intake and forbidding a lot of food category. So he cannot take all these diets thus giving in and eating more. Or it can be due to the lack of discipline after the targeted weight is achieved. This is usually the cause when you go for an extreme hypercaloric diet.

So to avoid that, dieters are advised to go slow in their dieting where it will take months to see big result and where majority will quit halfway. It is not easy to change a habit you built up for years. So that is why you need a lot of discipline, willpower and determination to be able to stay on a diet. Changing a habit is hard at first. You must stick to your diet plan daily for the first month.
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This will set the foundation. After 30 days it is said you have formed a new habit No one has to diet alone. I truly encourage you to get a friend to help or even diet with you. By having someone beside you for encouragement, you can also slowly see the result in each other. It also helps to have someone to confide in when you think that the diet is not working out for you.

When you pick a diet to follow, you should consider a few diet plans that might be similar to the one that you are already doing. This is to diversify the diet.

Following the same diet that you hate over and over again will have a negative effect on your willpower later on. This might even cause you to abandon your diet. So by diversifying your diet, you will find a diet plan that you'll like and won't feel bored watching what you eat. You can cycle diet plan by weekly or monthly, making the diet eating plan fresh.

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Just remember if you have broken one of your diet meals, this does not mean your whole day is ruined and you should not continue to follow your diet plan for the rest of the day. Just continue your day as if you never broken your diet in the first place. Over time this is what leads to long-term weight.

Industry Secrets 

There are several things that the weight loss industry is not telling you – nor do they want you to know. Their business is booming thanks to all the fads, gadgets and pills out there that they are selling to people desperate to lose weight.

Unfortunately, the only thing in most cases that is getting lighter is peoples’ wallets. Many of these things do not work, and only a small percentage of people buying into one of them manage to lose the weight and keep it off.

Some of These Industry Secrets Include:

• Most weight loss product ads deceive the buyer. A majority of the weight loss products you hear about on the radio and see on infomercials don’t even do what they claim to. Even so, consumers are lured into buying these products with promises like “Lose the weight and keep it off”, “Eat whatever you want” and “no diet or exercise required”.

Basically, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

• Just because they say it’s “scientifically proven” or “doctor-endorsed” doesn’t mean it works. These claims are typical as well, but they never tell you anything about where the studies were made or by who so that you can check out the validity for yourself. And what does it really mean anyway?

Often these so-called health professionals have a financial interest in the product, and probably did not review the scientific evidence. If it was reviewed, they may not have even used acceptable review standards. Why would you want to risk your health on such a thing?

• Just because the government allows a product to be on the market does not mean it is safe for consumers or that it does what it claims. There is a huge misconception that the government would not allow a product on the market if it could potentially be harmful to you.

People tend to think that the government has to pre-approve them first, but many times that is not the case.

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• Products toted as ‘natural’ or ‘herbal’ are not guaranteed safe. People also assume that just because a product is made of natural ingredients means it must be safe as well. But until the FDA receives evidence that a product is harmful, the companies are free to put their products on the market.

Not everything you hear is true, and you shouldn’t believe it. There are plenty of products that claim to do things that they just do not, and you should steer away from products making high and lofty

Don’t buy into the claims of fad diets, either. Anything that requires sudden and radical changes to your eating patterns is very difficult to sustain over time.

They will send you into a quick cycle of weight loss which is always followed by a rebound period where you gain the weight back and then some in certain instances once you’re normal eating resumes. Plus, the next time you try to take the weight off, it makes it all that much more difficult.

There are no health benefits to these diets, and if any one of them worked, do you really think there would be the need for new ones? You also can not count on the money back guarantee. You have about as good of a chance on getting your money back as having the product actually do what it claims to.

There is also no quick fix or magic pill that will help you to finally lose weight. If the product is making such claims, you can just about guarantee that they won’t work.

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