The Reasons Most People Are Overweight by Mr Great Fitness

The Reasons Most People Are Overweight By Mr Great Fitness

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The Reasons Most People Are Overweight By Mr Great Fitness
 The Reasons Most People Are Overweight by Mr Great Fitness

Being overweight is not always just a matter of being lazy or eating too much. Sometimes there are other issues that cause people to become obese.

The problem is that no one diet automatically recognizes the difference between how a fat person’s metabolism operates and how a thin person’s operates.

In essence a thin person and a fat person could eat the same meals for a week and the thin person would not gain weight while the fat one would.

Fat people often have abnormally low metabolisms and this means they have problems burning food as fuel.  When it is not burned the excess is converted into fat.  To correct this you need to embark on a healthy diet.

Yet another factor that plays into weight gain is that people with abnormally low metabolism are always hungry.

The pain of their cravings is very physical and very real.

The reason fat people crave food is because, they do not feel full after eating. It is because their body is not using the nutrients in the food to nourish them.  It is not uncommon for overweight people to become immediately hungry after eating even a very large meal!

Another very real cause of being overweight is emotional overeating. This is the tendency to “eat your anger.” Evolutionary biologists describe this as the need to “bite into something” when we are angry or stressed as that is exactly what are cave man ancestors did.

Food can also take the place of approval, love or sex or even a parent’s love.  People who are overeating for these reasons are often very miserable when they go on a diet because they associate food with love and feel deprived with love once the diet requires them to restrict their calories.

The idea is to adopt a non-acidic diet so that you are free of these cravings, which can become a vicious circle. Eating a non-alkaline diet will put you back in control of these cravings. It is a very freeing experience that puts you backs in control when it comes to choosing to eat what you want and when you want.

You also won’t overeat because you will always feel nourished and being properly nourished is absolutely key to stopping those hunger pangs that can lead to weight gain in the first place.

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