Core Exercises to Lose Weight by Mr Great Fitness

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Core Exercises to Lose Weight by Mr Great Fitness
Core Exercises to Lose Weight by Mr Great Fitness

Core strengthening exercises are also sometimes called abdominal-strengthening exercises.

This is because when you strengthen the core stomach muscles you also strengthen the back and midriff.

There are many benefits to having a strong core and one of them is that a strong core can help you lose weight.

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The benefits of abdominal strengthening exercises are not just limited to helping you lose weight. They also ease the back and perhaps even get rid back pain and strain.

Doing tummy strengthening exercises also keeps your organs in their rightful places and helps speed up weight loss. They can also increase your all over flexibility as well as your ability to twist from side to side.

The stronger you abdominal muscles are the less likely you are to sustain a back strain or back injury or develop a hernia.  Although a trimmer waistline is a side effect of doing these exercises the real benefit is a stronger back.

This in turn can allow you to exercise harder and longer. Of course the more you exercise the more weight that you will lose.

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So just what are abdominal strengthening exercises? 

You might just know them as sit ups. Professional trainers also offer classes in gyms that employ the use of medicine balls or air-filled exercise balls to perform abdominal strengthening exercises.

You could also try taking a class like aquavit or Pilates to try and strengthen this part of the body as well.

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Abdominal strengthening exercises may also be of some assistance if you suffer from back pain.

Of course before embarking on any exercise program with the intention of trying to heal back pain it is important to consult with your doctor or a physical fitness expert first.

Remember not to go too far when it comes to core strengthening. Abdominal strengthening exercises can give you a washboard stomach complete with ripples but if you are not fond of this reptilian look then is sure to moderate yourself while you exercise.

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However if you are really overweight you may be a long way from looking “cut” as the result of these exercises.

Instead you just might want to get to the point where your belly does not look prolapsed as the result of weight gain.

This simply means that your stomach muscles start to hold your organs in place like they are supposed to so you don’t look like you have a beer belly.

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