Bodybuilding Routines for Specific Body Parts

Bodybuilding Routines for Specific Body Parts

Bodybuilding Routines for Specific Body Parts

Bodybuilding routines can be diverse and unique as the bodybuilders that are doing them. Each bodybuilder generally has a specific goal in mind. While one bodybuilder may be attempting to change the entire body, another may be targeting certain parts of the body.

What they all have in common is to get their targeted results in the quickest possible time. They also all want to reach their goals with the least amount of effort.

This is the main reason why they choose bodybuilding routines that provide a premium training system.

Bodybuilders, regardless of their goal, will perform different exercises in a different number of repetitions using a variety of weights to tone, shape or build up certain parts of the body.

Many of them will determine which bodybuilding routine they want to use by a trial and error process. If it's successful, they stick with it. If they see no progress, they try something different.

One thing to remember is that even if you feel you've found a successful bodybuilding routine, you still need to switch it up and try something different.

Once your body reaches a certain plateau, you may find that your progress is declining.

The reason for this decline or total lack of progress is that your body is not getting enough stress and needs new exercises. Another problem that some bodybuilders experience is lack of progress from overdoing their routines.

A bodybuilding routine should not last longer than 75 minutes, with short rest periods between each session. By doing it longer, you're just risking injury or other serious consequences, which will really slow down your progress.

A bodybuilding routine consists of different exercises, a certain number of sets and a certain number of repetitions for each muscle of the body. Keep in mind that you're not going to be working on every muscle of the body all at once.

For instance, a bodybuilding routine for chest weight lifting may consist of three sets of slant bench press, three sets of flat bench press and two sets of flat bench dumbbells.

You may also want to work on different muscles on different days, which are referred to as workout splits. An example would be working on triceps shoulders on Monday and biceps back and legs on Wednesday.

Here are some bodybuilding exercises for building certain muscles.

Biceps exercises may be preacher curls with barbells or dumbbells, standing barbell curls or standing or seated dumbbell curls.

Chest exercises can be slant or flat bench press, slant dumbbell flays or flat bench dumbbell flays.
Back exercises include seated cable row, lat pull down or weighted pull ups, dead lift, bent over 1 arm dumbbell row and bent over barbell row.

Triceps exercises include dips, press down French press and for calve raises or squats for the legs.
Shoulder exercises can include lateral raises and shrugs or standing or seated military press with dumbbells or barbells.

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